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Country singer Kacey Musgraves sexualized, disrespected Vietnamese outfit

People are just tired of narratives that perpetuate the fetishism of Asian women. The fetishization of Asian women in Western culture has roots dating to at least the early 1800s, when Victorian men became captivated by geishas while visiting port cities in Japan. The idea of Asian women as purely sexual objects was further bolstered in stories like the 1887 French novel “Madame Chrysanthème,” known for its adaptation into popular opera “Madame Butterfly.”

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Why It Matters That ‘Emily Doe’ in the Brock Turner Case Is Asian-American

“I am not Brock Turner’s victim. I am not his anything. I don’t belong to him. I am also half Chinese. My Chinese name is Zhang Xiao Xia, which translates to Little Summer.” We must continue to listen to survivors, with all of their intersecting identities, whether or not they choose to publicly share their traumas. We must support, confront and disrupt, and work to eradicate systemic issues of toxic masculinity, rape culture, and sexual violence.

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Shane Gillis, Ms. Swan, and when it's acceptable to make fun of Asians

The pain of Asians is not something to be disregarded or pushed down, even as Borstein, Gillis, and Yang all believed, at some point and in their own way, that the aggrieved should just try harder. It’s not clear why this expectation consistently falls on Asians. None of us think combatting a bad comedian is the first priority of forging a path toward collective liberation; we’re just trying to say that it sucks. It’s that simple.

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