The Top 20 Most-Produced Playwrights of the 2019-20 Season

Lauren Yee, playwright

Lauren Yee, playwright

The Top 20* Most-Produced Playwrights of the 2019-20 Season


Each year we collect season programming information from Theatre Communications Group’s member theatres; from those listings, which totaled 2,229 entries at 385 theatres playing Sept 1, 2019, to Aug. 31, 2020, we set aside all Shakespeare productions. We also removed any productions with fewer than two weeks of performances.


  • Shakespeare has 79 productions this season (including adaptations), making him, as ever, the actual most-produced playwright in the United States. But since he’s dead, we’re figuring he won’t mind us not including him.

  • It’s a good year for Laurens: Lauren Yee makes her debut not only on our Top 20 but on our Top 10 list with not one but two titles: The Great Leap and Cambodian Rock Band.

  • We don’t include composers on this list, but if we did, Alan Menken would be up there. He is the most-produced composer this season with 19 productions, most of them from musicals he wrote with Disney. Theatre snobs and princess skeptics may scoff, but the Mouse’s dominion over entertainment may reach into theatre.

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