Ally Maki on Bringing a Big Voice to the Tiniest Toy in ‘Toy Story 4’

Ally Maki on Bringing a Big Voice to the Tiniest Toy in ‘Toy Story 4’

For Ally Maki, the call to join the “Toy Story” family was the best job ever. We sat down with the star of “Cloak & Dagger” and “Wrecked” at Walt Disney Studios to discuss her excitement and joy in playing Giggle McDimples, a brand new character that happens to be the tiniest toy.

Ally Maki was around 9 when the first “Toy Story” hit theaters, and grew up with the franchise. She said that when she accepted the part, she asked producers, “You guys know you hired an ultimate fangirl? I don’t know if this is going to be good or bad for you, but I’m going to be all over just freaking out every single day!”

But she does know why. Not only is she a lifelong fan who has found a place in a franchise she adores, but she also understands the importance of her role in it. Born in Washington to Japanese parents, Maki is the founder of Asian American Girl Club, an apparel company whose goal is to help other Asian American women and girls find solidarity and sisterhood.

Maki said, “To be the tiniest character to exist in the universe is really awesome. And then to be the first ever Asian American female within this universe is so incredible. To be a woman of color in this universe is so incredible.”

She went on to say more about, not only the importance of her racial identity but the value of female friendships, too. And especially the friendship between her Giggle McDimples and Bo Peep.

“Growing up, I was a very shy girl and performing was my outlet. So friendship is something I’ve always kind of struggled with only because it’s hard to make friends when you’re really shy and you’re insecure about who you are. Now, growing up and finding the confidence to find these friendships, especially female friendships, Asian American Girl Club is where I have found so much empowerment in using my voice because I feel like when you do have that sisterhood, that female connection. It fills a hole in your heart that nothing else can. So I think that’s why it’s so meaningful especially to see these strong female friendships on board. They don’t need each other, but they do at the same time.”

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